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Jeffco Builds

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Jeffco Builds is Jeffco Public Schools’ Capital Improvement Program. Jeffco Builds uses bond revenue from ballot measures to fund essential construction projects that improve the school experience for staff and students. 

In 2018, voters approved ballot measure 5B, providing $567 million for school construction projects across the district. 

Financial Oversight & Stewardship

What is the Capital Asset Advisory Committee?

In 2010, the Board of Education established the Capital Asset Advisory Committee (CAAC). The Committee was formed in accordance with Policies EL-8 and FB, which focus on facility condition and future planning. The Committee monitors the Capital Improvement Program (Jeffco Builds) and future bond work.

Expand the Monthly Meetings and Financial Updates sections for more details on financial reports.

The Work of the Committee

The committee meets monthly throughout the year. Its primary functions are to:

  • Establish a transparent set of criteria for evaluation of district facilities. Elements may include facility condition index (FCI), educational adequacy index (EAI), utilization based on enrollment to capacity ratio, demographic predictions, student achievement, financial stewardship, etc.
  • Assist in the development of an annual District Wide Facility Master Plan that may include school replacements, school consolidations, school closures, grade level reconfigurations, and boundary and transportation changes.
  • Monitor the planning of capital needs and the implementation of capital programs, which may include future bond programs.
  • Assist in the development of a potential future bond program.
  • Ensure that sound, long-term decisions are consistent with the needs of the district and in support of the district’s strategic plan.
  • Ensure that decisions are made through active involvement in communications with the community.
  • Provide an annual written report to the Board of Education on the ongoing responsibilities of the committee.

Consistent with the above functions, the Capital Asset Advisory Committee encourages continuous process improvement and implementation of sound decision-making based on data which adheres to the district policies, procedures, and practices.

Committee Members

Megan Castle Tom Murray
Heather Gasper Dan Oakley
Kathy Hodgson M. L. Richardson
Bryan Martin Brittany Warga


Director Mary Parker


Tracy Dorland Superintendent
Jeff Gatlin Chief, Operating Officer
Brenna Copeland Chief, Financial Officer
Tim Reed Executive Director, Facilities & Construction Management
Bruce Huxley Director, Planning & Property
Berry Jones Director, Construction Management
Kerri Barclay Manager, Strategic Communications
Christie Moss  Controller, Accounting
Lisa Knestis Supervisor, Construction Accounting
Robin Acree Executive Administrative Assistant, Facilities & Construction Management

2023 Monthly Meetings and Financial Updates

The committee meets the third Thursday of the month, 8–10 a.m. at 809 Quail Street, Building 4, Lakewood.

January 2023

      No Meeting

July 2023

No Meeting


February 2023


August 2023


March 2023

Location - Fletcher Miller School

September 2023


April 2023

October 2023

  • Agenda - coming soon
  • Financial Reports - coming soon
  • Construction Update - coming soon
  • Financial Update - coming soon
  • Meeting Notes - coming soon 

May 2023


November 2023

  • Agenda - coming soon
  • Financial Reports - coming soon
  • Construction Update - coming soon
  • Financial Update - coming soon
  • Meeting Notes - coming soon 

June 2023

December 2023

  • Agenda - coming soon
  • Financial Reports - coming soon
  • Construction Update - coming soon
  • Financial Update - coming soon
  • Meeting Notes - coming soon 


2019–2021 Monthly Meetings and Financial Updates


1/21/21 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

2/18/21 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

3/18/21 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

4/15/2021 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

5/20/2021 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

6/17/2021 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

7/15/2021 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

8/19/2021 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

9/16/2021 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

10/21/2021 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

11/9/2021  Special Meeting-Notes

12/16/2021 Agenda, Presentations, Notes


1/9/2020 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

2/6/2020 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

3/5/2020 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

4/2/2020 Agenda, Presentations, Notes (No meeting)

5/7/2020 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

6/4/2020 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

7/2/2020 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

8/6/2020 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

9/3/2020 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

10/1/2020 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

11/5/2020 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

12/3/2020 Agenda, Presentations, Notes


1/3/2019 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

2/7/2019 Agenda, Presentations, Notes (No meeting-Snow Day)

3/7/219 Agenda, Presentations, Notes

4/4/2019 AgendaPresentationsNotes

5/2/2019 AgendaPresentationsNotes

6/6/2019 AgendaPresentationsNotes

7/11/2019 AgendaPresentationsNotes 

8/1/2019 AgendaPresentationsNotes

9/5/2019 AgendaPresentationsNotes

10/3/2019 AgendaPresentationsNotes

11/7/2019 AgendaPresentationsNotes

12/5/2019 AgendaPresentationsNotes

Capital Improvement UpdateS

 (formerly known as the flipbook)

Learn the latest about our capital improvement program and current projects.

Fall 2022 Edition

2022 Capital Improvement Projects Update.

Jeffco Builds In Action

In The News

Follow along with news about Jeffco Builds

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Alameda International Jr/Sr High School completes state-of-the-art facility project.
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Spring 2023 Additions at Standley Lake High School and Jefferson Country Open School Improve Student Experiences

Standley Lake High School and Jefferson County Open School opened additions to their buildings this spring. These building improvements not only help modernize the schools but also flex to serve multiple purposes for students.

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Bond and Mill School Improvements Video Series

Check out our ongoing collection of stories related to new taxpayer approved school funding in Jeffco Public Schools, and how that money is being used.

Click the upper right corner to see all videos from the series or view the playlist on YouTube.

Jeffco Builds Interactive Map

View the Jeffco Builds interactive map to learn more about school construction projects.
Search for a specific school by using the search bar function or click on the map to view construction projects taking place at each school.

Search for a specific school by using the search bar function or click on a map marker to view the projects taking place at a specific school. You can also open the map on a new page.



The Jeffco is using the bond revenue from ballot measure 5B to:

  • Repair, renovate, equip, and reconstruct buildings to ensure all Jeffco schools – including charter schools – are safe, efficient and accessible to all students, including those with disabilities.
  • Upgrade safety and security equipment in school buildings.
  • Add and expand career and technical education facilities.
View detailed financial updates and reports.
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