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Weekly "Newsletters"

In lieu of Monthly Newsletters with a month's worth of information that may not be relevant yet, we will be sending weekly emails that include reminders, celebrations, and going's on for the week at Elk Creek and in First Grade. These emails will be sent to First Grade Families at the end of every week. 


MathMath homework will sometimes consist of practicing math facts that we would like our students to know “in-a-snap”. Occasionally we might send home a page of homework from our Math Expressions resource to reinforce an important lesson. If we send home a page, it will be sent home in Homework Folders on Friday. We expect  it to be returned on Monday.

Reading: After we establish our Reader's Workshop, students will begin to bring home their Book Buddy. Their Book Buddies will contain about 6 books and are to be kept at home until the following week. We will have book groups and each group will have a day of the week that they switch out their Book Buddy books. So, if I'm in the Sun Bear group, I will change my Book Buddy books every Monday. If I'm a Brown Bear, I change mine every Tuesday, and so forth. These six or so books are to be read and REREAD every night. Not all have to be read everyday but 15 minutes of reading is the goal each night.  Their day to return books and pick new ones is also written on their Book Buddy. 

This 15 minutes can be spent reading book buddy books, books you have at home, cookbooks, song lyrics, reading on one of our favorite sites, being read to, listening to audiobooks, and anything else that will promote and foster a love of words and texts!!

Fundations: Fundations homework packets will be sent home in your
student's Friday Folder near the beginning of each unit. Most units are two or three weeks long. Fundations homework NEED NOT be sent back to us. Practice the skills and spelling the unit's trick words in preparation for the Unit Tests. 

Snacks and Water

Students may bring two healthy snacks that they can eat in the classroom each day. We have designated times that they may eat before and after lunch (to help keep our materials clean ;). Water bottles are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED as we want our students to always be hydrated and water bottles are much more convenient than running back and forth from the water fountain. Please just send water so that spills don't become sticky. 


Friday Folders - Friday Folders are sent home every Friday or on the last school day of the week. There is completed work and other important information. Please check your student's Friday Folder each week and send back the folder every Monday with anything that needs to be returned.
Homework Folders- Homework Folders will be sent home anytime new homework is assigned. Most of the time it will go home with Friday Folders at the end of the week. 

About a week before your child's birthday, we will send home a big star and small birthday bag. Your child can decorate the star and you can fill the bag with small gifts for your child's birthday. We ask that treats not be sent to school for the whole class but you are welcome to send small treats in the birthday bag for your child. The star and bag can be sent to school with your child on their birthday or the day that is nearest or most convenient for your family, so that we can celebrate their birthday in class. 
* For summer birthdays we will celebrate their half-birthday. June birthdays will be celebrated in December, July birthdays in January and early August birthdays in February. 

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