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Data Governance


We are building a Business Data Glossary of data terms to facilitate our compliance with the Colorado Student Data Transparency and Security Act passed June, 2016.

Basic requirements of the act for districts:

  • Post and maintain list of all contracts with providers that contain the personally identifiable information (PII) of students.

  • Update all contract terms to be in compliance with requirements of the law.

  • Post a list of all on-demand service providers that house Jeffco student PII and be prepared to review compliance at the request of a parent or guardian.

  • Adopt a student information privacy and protection policy and make available to parents or guardians.

  • Adopt a policy for hearing complaints from parents or guardians regarding compliance with the law.

  • Post a list of all providers the district has stopped using due to lack of compliance.


The Business Data Glossary will help us by enabling us to:

  • Specifically define all critical data elements within Jeffco.

  • Identify exactly which data elements are considered PII within usage contexts.

  • List the systems and locations within the systems of the applicable PII.

  • Describe the flow and usage of all data across Jeffco systems (data lineage).

  • Understand which vendor systems will house PII and its lifecycle within their systems (e.g., delete after contract ends).

  • Have confidence we are applying the correct security policies for our sensitive data.

  • Ensure we can track compliance of data considered PII.

Ed Fi Implementation

Jeffco continues to be a thought-leader in adopting best practices for data governance within K-12. We have joined other leading districts across the country to develop a national data governance collaborative leveraging the benefits of the Ed-Fi data standard. This initiative seeks to combine the benefits of both a data standard for the consistent and secure storage, movement, and reporting of student data between various information systems, alongside governance policies and the associated processes to ensure consistent compliance from both internal staff and external service providers. ​

The Ed-Fi Data Standard

Serves as the foundation for enabling interoperability among secure education data systems designed to improve student achievement and teacher satisfaction. Ed-Fi technology can provide a foundation for education data systems that ensure secure exchange and appropriate use of student information. It gives states and districts the power to securely connect or create information systems that collect, manage, or provide analysis for student data.

data environment chart

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